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Redesign and extension of the Coupling Measuring Tube Method (CoMeT) for test of screening efficiency and transfer impedance on connectors.

Qualified tests of Corning Cabelcon connectors are vital for developments of still better connectors with optimal performance. The test equipment, the test methods and the test results must be under constant critical surveillance.

And most important - the test results must always be compared to the performance under real working conditions.

For the last one and a half years, our test engineers have been working with the CoMeT equipment for the measurement of screening efficiency and transfer impedance.

The CoMeT equipment was originally developed by Bedea in cooperation with D.Sc.EE Lauri Halme from the Helsinki University of Technology*.

The equipment was developed for the measurement of cable performances. Our test engineers have extended the equipment to make it work on connectors too. One of the challenges has been to make it work as close as possible to real working conditions.

This means that all circumstances that might influence on the tests must be considered when the interpretation and the conclusions are made.

Apart from special calculations and theoretical discussions behind the project, the physical follow up has been impressive. New measuring tubes, angular tubes, adapters and various fittings are among the necessary changes and supplements to make the CoMeT method work on both cables and connectors.

To make sure that the knowledge and quality of the developing experiments are truthful Corning Cabelcon draws on the expertise of Dr. Lauri Halme.

Lauri Halme has followed the working methods and the interpretations and has advised the engineers along the process to ensure that the results were scientifically based and properly analysed and documented.

The method works excellent and the knowledge and experiences in interpreting the measuring results are elaborated and detailed. So the next aim for the engineers in cooperation with Dr. Halme is to make it physically and electrically possible to test big connectors up to 2 GHz.


The CoMeT test equipment

*Biography on Dr. Halme:
Dr. Halme has been employed by Telecom Finland 1962 -1997. As R&D Director he has been responsible for standardization, research & development being active in IEC (Int. Electrotechnical Commission) and the establishment and development of ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) and EURESCOM (The Research body of European Telecommunication operators). 

Since 1964 he has been Assistant and Specialist Lecturer on transmission lines and electromagnetic screening at the Helsinki University of Technology.

After leaving Telecom Finland in 1997, he continues as Lecturer and Specialist at the Communications Laboratory.