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CX4 Trunk and Distribution Connectors

Corning Cabelcon CX4 high quality trunk and distribution connectors are developed for digital multimedia applications and designed in accordance with all requirements in standard EN 50083.

The CX4 line is a secure and powerful range of trunk connectors with lots of improved features. The typical return loss is better than -40 dB @ 1 GHz and a CX4 connector is operational up to 3 GHz.

Corning Cabelcon CX4 connectors have a self-locking ferrule system (pat. pending) to avoid rotations of the cable during installation. The system ensures a true 360
screen contact for improved shielding.

The multithread back nut is tightened with just 2-3 rotations (patented system*) contrary to normally 6-8 rotations. This makes the installation easy and timesaving.

The inner conductor system is improved with a new performance enhancing COC-insulator system for optimised Passive Intermodulation (PIM) performance (pat. pending).

Most CX4 connectors are reuseable and can easily be dismounted and reinstalled.

CX4 is watertight without any additional sealing.

Available Versions
CX4 is available with standard interfaces: 3.5/12, 5/8, PG11, F & IEC in male and female versions. Please check the catalogue for specific types.

* in selected countries

product information

75 Ohm

trunk and distribution


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Article onCX4  features

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Characteristic Impedance
75 Ohm

Return loss
Better than
-40 dB@ 1 GHz

Operational to 3 GHz

Shielding efficiency
Always better than
cable specifications

Pull strenght
Always better than
cable specifications

Operational temperatures
From 40 to +85 C

Water immersion
*Passed IPX8 test:
30 meters/8 hours