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Splice Connectors and Splice Reducers

Multimedia Applications
Corning Cabelcon  high quality
Splice Connectors and Splice Reducers are developed for digital multimedia applications and designed in accordance with all requirements in standard EN 50083.

Splice reducers are being used for the combination of different sizes of cables. Typical applications are conversions from large sized ground cables to small sized flexible cables for entrance into street cabinets. Other applications are repair of damaged cables by insertion of a new piece of cable with another dimension.

All our splice connectors are developed with installer friendliness, the longest life of operation and the highest quality in mind.

The splice reducers are made with advanced Corning Cabelcon connector technology and
all Corning Cabelcons splices and reducers are NITIN-6 plated for high performance and a long lifetime even under the hardest conditions.

All types can be supplied with a screw for grounding.

Available Versions
Corning Cabelcon supplies cable splice connectors and splice reducers for almost any 75 Ohm coaxial cable. All size combinations are available. You can easily find the right combination and the item number - using the guide in our Internet catalogue.

product information

75 Ohm

splice connectors
splice reducers


Characteristic impedance
75 Ohm

Return loss
30 dB minimum (@ 1 GHz)
on most splices.

Many types are
operational to 3 GHz

Shielding efficiency
Always better than
cable specifications

Pull strength
Always better than
cable specifications

Operational temperatures
From 40 to +85 C

Moisture proof
through implementation of
EPDM O-rings