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Jumper Cables

Multimedia Applications
Corning Cabelcon's RG6 and RG11 jumper cables are developed for digital multimedia applications and fulfil all requirements in standard EN 50083, class A

Technical advantages
By avoiding the use of angle adapters, return loss and inserting loss characteristics are greatly enhanced. The ready-made jumper cables are 100 % factory tested and performs to the highest standard as assembly errors are avoided. All RG11 /HFX jumper cables are watertight and most types are flame retardant and non-corrosive.

Also economical savings are evident as the timesavings mean reduced labour costs and faster network installation. Maintenance costs and downtime are reduced, as the connectors never have to be removed from the cable.

Through the use of Corning Cabelcon's ready made jumper cables you will save valuable time on mounting operations.

Corning Cabelcons jumper cables are available with all interfaces, with more types of cables, in all lengths and can be customer labelled on request. Also OEM types based on customers specifications and requirements can be supplied.

Please contact our distributors or sales departments for more information on Corning Cabelcon’s customer specified jumper assemblies.

Please find specifications on cables used in Corninng Cabelcon's standard jumper production here

product information

75 Ohm

jumper cables

 jumper info sheet (PDF):


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Standard cables for jumpers


Characteristic Impedance
75 Ohm

Operational to 3000 MHz

Return Loss
Typical-30 dB
@ 0.3 - 862 MHz

Shielding Effectiveness
Typical -100 dB
@ 30 - 862 MHz

Transfer Impedance
< 5mOhm/m
@ 5-30 MHz

IMD performance
Very stable @ 120 dBm

Max. Tensile Strength
RG6 175 Nm
RG11 250 Nm
HFX 460 Nm

Min. Bending Radius
RG6 35.0 mm
RG11 50.5 mm
HFX 55.0 mm

Operational temperatures From –40° to +60° C

Water Immersion
Watertight types:
Passed IPX8 test
30 meters/8 hour