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Corning Gilbert Aluminium Products

GRS 3-piece trunk and distribution connectors
Trunk and Distribution connectors are used in low power RF, video, data signals and powered broadband systems.

Chassis mounting connectors are used in 5/8-24 equipment entry through independent seizing of the centre conductor, the installer can verify that the centre conductor has been seized prior to tightening the back nut.

Placement of the integral mandrel of the connector in the main nut provides a full view of the centre conductor’s entrance into the seizing mechanism and requires minimal pull back for ease of installation.

The GRS connectors have a centre conductor-cutting guide and are reusable.

G2 2-piece trunk and distribution connectors
Developed in response for a need of an intelligent two-piece connector that will provide superior performance, while eliminating the common disadvantages of traditional 2-piece designs.

It is the only two-piece connector on the market that gives installers a full view of the cable's centre conductor insertion in to the connector seizing mechanism.

It provides a patented support sleeve located in the back nut of the connector, minimizing cable "pull back".

The Tri-Start thread system (patent pending) minimizes the required back nut rotations when tightening the connector. The G2 connectors have a centre conductor-cutting guide and are reusable.

Other products
The Gilbert aluminium program also includes h
ousing to housing adapters, 90 & 180 degree adapters, KS male/female adapters, extension connectors, splice blocks, terminators and other products.
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product information

75 Ohm

aluminium products

Gilbert UltraEase
compression connectors


Nominal impedance:
75 Ohms

5 MHz to 1 GHz

Operating range:
-40º C to +60º C

Shielding effectiveness:
> 130 dB

Return loss:
 - 30 dB minimum

Insertion loss
< 0.12 dB (pin types)

Cable retention:
Exceeds cable manufacturers
maximum pulling tension